Auction twice same locker

It has been done . I bid a proxy on 2 lockers due to the fact i could not be at the closing . Both lockers were lost to 1 dollar above my bid . I said ok it happens . but 2 weeks later the samr lockers are back on the auction same pictures same lockers . both of them . Is this possible ? . did the facility not get what they wanted and bid 1 dollar above to relist the locker . is it legal for facilities to bid on there own lockers.? i thought if a bid was lost like someone defaulted on a locker it went to the next lowest bidder .
i am rammmmmbbbliinng please give me your thoughts .

I have had that happen to me once lost by one dollar then same locker would be relisted week later.

There is currently a locker in Toronto that I have seen come up at least 3 times in the past couple of months. Its like a recording studio or something. I have seen it over $2500. The facility must be doing this to get higher bids because if the locker owner made any kind of payment, they would have to start the 90 day process again. I will not bid on lockers from this facility.
I have a facility Black List.