Auction Cancelled Then Relisted

I was the winning bidder on an auction with 1 minute left, auction was cancelled and the one week later the same locker was relisted
What BS is this?

There are a number of different reasons why auctions get cancelled but the most common one is that, the lien tenant has come in to pay their outstanding balance. When this happens, we are legally obligated to cancel the auction. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Contact us directly if you have other questions.

There are multiple auctions I have followed and bid on which have been cancelled at last minute only to be relisted the next month. Same auctions for each of the last four months, obviously the storage facility is trying to get top dollar. Have contacted BID13 directly twice, nothing changes. Last minute cancellations and relisting the following month after month. This dishonesty wastes everyone’s time. The games need to stop.

The tenant can pay their bill for a month then have their unit auctioned off again the next month for not paying again. It is a fact, it can happen. I happened to buy a unit that was $1000 over due and I got it for around $300. Pretty sure the facility people don’t care as long as they get a buck.

I manage a storage facility. The customer is able to pay for their unit up until the time the auction ends. It’s their property and they are notified of the auction date and time. If, the very next month, they are listed again, it would be due to them not paying whatever was agreed upon and defaulting again. In your complaint, “The facility is trying to get top dollar” is a ridiculous statement considering we don’t get a penny more than what the customer owes. Our facility is bound by law to return any amount over what they owe- to the customer. In other words, the proceeds go to the customer. Furthermore, how would the facility know who would be bidding the following month, or how much the unit would sell for?? To me, it sounds as if you are upset for reasons that stem from you feeling entitled to something that doesn’t yet belong to you, if you have yet to truly ‘WIN’ the auction which, you HAVE NOT won anything if the facility withdraws before the end of the auction- no matter their reason. THAT dishonesty must stop. You win some, and you lose some period.