Anyone in the Spokane area that sells furniture from storage auctions?

I am interested in the smaller items in a storage locker and will give away any furniture that I get. If you have a store and want it, then I can drop it off when I get it.

if its decent furniture you might look into consignment shop. I believe theres some in the area that just do furniture.

Well, my first attempt at buying a storage locker ended up paying $73 and driving it all to the Salvation Army.

Furniture is an easy sell usually. Just have a yard sale or list it on facebook marketplace. People love refinishing that stuff nowadays. If I were you, I would list it for a week, and what doesn’t sell take it to the dump. You might be surprised at how many people will be interested, that’s where we make most of our money. Especially dressers.

If you are not wanting items purchased from auctions please contact me and I will be happy to take the items you are not wanting. I live in spokane and refurbish furniture and goods. Thanks